Covering the songbook of Michael Bublé is something that Mike takes a huge amount of pride in.
Any booking made comes with 2 options 

2 sets @ 40minutes     or       1 set @ 75minutes

plus encore if required 

Authenticity guarunteed
Mike takes immense pride in the show which he provides.  Not only keeping up with Michael Bublés style changes, haircuts, suits, shoes, but even equiptment.
Not many people use wired microphones in todays market, but Mike is proud to use the Neumann KMS 105, as used by Michael Bublé himself.

Rest assured that Mike has truly done his homework on MB. Watched hundreds of hours of video footage, listened to songs over and over to make sure his phrasing and technique are 100% right and is the best tribute to Michael Bublé money can buy.